since 2015
SANDRA DOLINETTI an international company that creates premium inventory for rhythmic gymnastics
that marketed via our web boutique as well as some exclusive outlets.
Our goal is to idealize our unique apparatus by developing quality clubs and bringing together the best
components and innovations in order to propose a product 100% avant-garde at a reasonable price.
The roots of our project and the main motivations for creating SANDRA DOLINETTI apparatus: show the mix of know-how of the traditional craftsmanship and innovative materials and restore a genuine relationship between an object and its owner.
We stand strong on awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in order to leave a legacy.
This is more difficult, more time consuming, more expensive but we are rewarded by the pride we take
in the respect for our product, those who use it, and those who produce it.
The SANDRA DOLINETTI CLUBS shape is obvious to us. The mix, the diversity, the appearance
and the timelessness of our clubs have no equivalent.
We have developed a design with clean lines, a genuine finesse, with a touch of character.
Our vision of rhythmic gymnastics elegance. More details about the manufacturing here.

Foundation of the company.
The first ribbons and sticks for rhythmic gymnastics were developed.
They underwent closed testing throughout the year in selected schools and laboratories around the world.
After two years of development, Sandra Dolinetti`s engineers presented
innovative clubs for rhythmic gymnastics. Now it's time to forget about the past, present and make a leap
into the world of the future of rhythmic gymnastics.
Prototypes of the new balls were presented.
Thanks to innovations in production, rigorous testing and quality control, we were able to achieve
unprecedented characteristics of the Sandra Dolinetti`s ball.
The worldwide manufacturer of Avant-garde rhythmic gymnastics apparatus Sandra Dolinetti has signed a cooperation agreement with an individual rhythmic gymnast - Alexandra Soldatova. She became two-time world champion in the team competition, a two-time European champion in the team competition, Russian National All-around champion and multiple winner of the Grand Prix and World Cup stages. To date, Soldatova is one of the most influential and recognizable figure in the sport industry.

Shaping the RG future
together with you