Standard Clubs Packaging
A standard SD clubs box safely protects the clubs during transporting
The quality of the box is made at the highest level, which will allow to use it as a case for the clubs while you go to the workouts
The boxes are made from eco-friendly cardboard that is easily recyclable
Even when developing such a standard element as a box, we used our creativity and did not forget about fashion and style
Model badges
For those who have a large collection of the clubs, on the bottom of the box we use special badges with color and collection naming
Security Seals
Each box is covered with two security seals. This confirms that no one opened the box and the International Warranty applies only to the clubs that were sold or delivered in the closed boxes with the untouched Security Seals
Security Seals, Model Badges and Big blue sticker are a new elements of SD boxes that are shipped since 02.11.2019